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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Alt-Left Insanity: National Tantrum Spreads

Call it a big-league freakout (in tribute to our new P-eOTUS). Or maybe mass insanity. I prefer to call it the National Tantrum.

It’s hard to tell which group has lost its grip on reality more – liberal activists or their brothers and sisters in arms in the media. The activists are protesting, marching, rioting and vandalizing their way across lefty America, because conservative America wouldn’t tolerate it. Meanwhile, journalists are almost acting worse.

The activists are trying a multi-pronged approach. They are protesting/rioting. (It’s often hard to tell them apart with the alt-left.) Then they have organized a largely astroturf #NotMyPresident hashtag on Twitter. Next, they have begun to threaten and intimidate electors to overturn the election. And then, they’re claiming the electoral college win is illegitimate because they lost it. The alt-left even pushed a meme that pretended Mike Pence was gay.

Former Bernie Sanders spokeswoman Symone Sanders (no relation) told CNN that the future of the Democratic party is without white leaders. Sanders told the world in her special bigoted way, "we don't need white people leading the Democratic party right now." I’m sure Trump’s communications team is sending her a Christmas card.

The tantrum among the major media is almost worse..


Anonymous said...

"The tantrum among the major media is almost worse.."

NO Joe, it IS worse!!

However and on the brighter side - (psst) ONLY 2 days until TGIF!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"we don't need white people leading the Democratic party right now."

Just imagine the outrage if any white person ever said this in reverse. Wow.

lmclain said...

No white people, no money.

Great idea!

keep at it.