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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Where Have All The Hero's Gone?


Anonymous said...

The way things used to be!

World Grease said...

I was a bit hard-headed at times and can recall getting spanked by the principal in the elementary school only to be picked up from school by my grandfather who spanked me some more. After my mom got me, I got another spanking. This unfortunate event occurred again in the middle school. Let's just say that I learned to deal with people in better ways than communicating with my fist. My justification was that I can only tell people to leave me alone but so many times. I think they understood that once they weren't standing anymore, but I get that it was wrong. Seriously though, that's what I had to do to get some peace from my brother. Oh how recess has changed. I didn't really change until I went into the military. I think that is the best for all of our children. Public service is rewarding.

Anonymous said...

never happen today but should! the kid ought to be put in foster care then he can be a total f' up! and have no one to blame but himself!

Anonymous said...

One good cop too bad we don't have more like him. He just saved the taxpayers a ton of money and put the kid in his place.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome.

lmclain said...

When I was growing up, along with just about very other kid I knew, I got the belt, got the switch, got the slap, got the spanking, and finally, got respect and a very good idea of right and wrong.
There weren't any "time-outs" unless you mean taking time out to nurse my feelings and sore behind.
Guess what else happened?
I graduated high school with good grades, said "yes sir and "yes ma'am' to ALL adults, got a job (my first job was cutting tobbacco for the county's richest man -- 75 cents an hour!-- who talked to me like he bought me that morning, joined the military and left with BOXES of awards and recognition, didn't think anyone "owed" me anything, got a college education without protesting anything on college time, married the mother of my children (they ALSO got the belt, although far less than I did), didn't get hooked on drugs, didn't blame anyone for MY failures, and now have children who ALSO have done those things.
Good jobs. Respect. An intact family structure. No welfare and no handouts.
Now, there is 'time out" and self-esteem classes.
And adults who need a "safe space" where their feelings can't be hurt. Adults who are FRIGHTENED and OFFENDED at our flag! Adults who think someone OWES them a house, a free college education, free medical care, a monthly check from those of us who EARNED what we have.....adults stupid enough to burn their own neighborhood down when they don't get it.

They need the belt.