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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

US Military Space War? Preparations Underway for Potential Attacks

U.S. military commanders and advisers are scrambling to prepare for a space war that could knock out both military and civilian capabilities and impact the daily lives of Americans.

As more nations explore space and develop the capabilities to deploy satellites and other resources in space, the threat to U.S. technologies deployed there grows, according to leading military analysts, CNN reported.

The U.S. has grown dependent on satellites for bank transactions, traffic lights, and railroad switches. Airplane radar, weather data, and world communications are also dependent on satellites to work. In the military, satellite data is needed to deploy missiles and to know about nuclear attacks quickly if they should ever occur.

According to CNN, nations such as China and Russia have begun to develop technology for space weapons like rockets and missiles that could potentially take out U.S. satellites and disrupt the technology needed to protect ourselves from threats.

It’s entirely possible, Defense Department Adviser Peter Singer told the network, that the next war will begin or have a significant component in space.

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Anonymous said...

OH NO, the newest dilemma to suck more taxpayer dollars outta our pockets!

Anonymous said...

Let's make it perfectly clear: No other countries except for the exceptional one (good 'ole USA) can have any space satelites. Or nukes. Or chemical weapons. Or biological weapons. Or weaponized vaccines. so on

Anonymous said...

The race is on to build the first moon base (and thereby claim the moon).

Imagine the strategic advantage of having one of those.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, they already have them.

Anonymous said...

How did they get past the Van Allen radiation belt?
How would they "build a moon base" without physically being there?
So many questions.

Anonymous said...

Send All millinials up.

Anonymous said...

Send Hillary and Obama into outer space.