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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

99% Muslim, 43,000 Somali refugees settled in US under Obama

The Obama administration resettled 8,858 Somali refugees in the United States last year, and nearly 43,000 during Obama's eight years, a huge number that is now raising concerns after a Somali refugee led aone-man attack spree on the campus of Ohio State.

Like Syrian refugees, there is no adequate way to check the backgrounds of the Somalis, according to the head of the Center forImmigration Studies.

The Somali refugee numbers into the U.S. from the Department of Homeland Security and State:



Anonymous said...

Dearborne michigan the training town for terror X 8 yrs.

Anonymous said...

Why? They are not refugees, they are Islamic infiltrators from a hostile 3rd world dictatorship. The blood of many is on Obamas hands.

Anonymous said...

It's time to send those muslims packing. Including that illegal Muslim occupying the White House. And take Libtards like Jake Day, Chuck Cook, Jack Heath and Jimbo Liarton with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh good comment 2:15 AM, I like it.

Anonymous said...

2:15 I'm with you.

bayman said...

Give them time. They are ALL coming after us. This is not going to go well at all. Keep a close eye on your kids.