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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Media jump the gun on Ohio State shooting that never happened

What's the only thing faster than a speeding bullet? The willingness of journalists to jump the gun and begin to assign blame.

Relying on early and inaccurate information, national outlets reported this morning that a shooter was loose on campus at Ohio State. In reality, 18-year old Abdul Razak Ali Artan attacked and injured 11 students with a butcher knife and his Honda Civic, not a gun.

But rather than wait for the facts before rushing to judgement, the media quickly typed up a villain: firearms owners and organizations like the NRA who oppose increased regulation.

Even before first responders had sounded the all clear, Vox labeled the ambush "the Ohio State shooting." Yahoo News took the next step,reporting that the attack "spurs a look at Ohio gun laws." And pundits across Twitter blamed American gun culture for a mass shooting that had never happened.



Anonymous said...

Idiots. They have never figured out that their 1st Amendment rights exist because of the 2nd Amendment.

Anonymous said...

What's so funny is the fact today Charlotte police issued a statement they will not pursue any charges against officer involved shooting in Sept of Keith Scott. So all that rioting for NO reason whatsoever. It was all false flag BS to continue racial division. Blacks, Hispanicss AND Whites need to wake up and realize we are being played in order to keep tensions high and on edge. Knock it off! Stay calm. Use your heads! No one desires marital law and that's why they're attempting to pull off. Once again, KNOCK IT OFF! 🤔😳

Anonymous said...

As i recall, SBYNews is where I read of the Ohio incident. I immediately turned on FOX and learned the one involved drove a car into a group, jumped out with a butcher knife. Such a different scenario I thought it was two different incidents.

Anonymous said...

And really they should be saying if someone had a gun on them could of stopped them dead on spot soon as he attacked done over

Anonymous said...

1:58. Right!!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the initial report (and warning on campus) was 'Active Shooter'.

That frames it as gun-related.

But once the facts of the car and knife were revealed, the reporting followed that track.

Only a few hysterical gun-grabbers continued to refer to it as a shooting after that.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

MSM also forgot to mention it was a cop with the gun who stopped the knife attack. Media will tell you, Oh that poor Somalian Refugee student was a peace loving Muslim, who had so much potential, talent to go to Harvard, and was just turning his life around, right? SMH. Good shooting Officer, job well done.

Anonymous said...

And those who oppose campus carry will say that the cop was there quickly and dealt with the situation, which is true, but he was ONLY there that quickly because he happened to be right nearby on a gas alarm going off.

Anonymous said...

Disgruntled Michigan fan?

Kidding aside, the Somalis have proven to be a rough bunch, back home and as Obama imports.