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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Donald Trump Called Racist For Warning About Somali Refugees

More than once during his presidential campaign, Donald Trump warned about the threat posed by improperly vetted Somali refugees only to be called insensitive and racist for raising the issue.

Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton clashed repeatedly on the issue of refugees throughout the election cycle. While Trump promised to suspend the influx of refugees due to security concerns, Clinton called for an increase in refugees brought to the U.S.

While much of the refugee debate focused on those coming from Syria, Trump did highlight the risks associated with Somali refugees in states like Maine and Minnesota, which have received high numbers of displaced Somalians. (RELATED: OHIO STATE ATTACKER IDENTIFIED: Everything We Know About Abdul Razak Ali Artan)

Speaking a rally in Maine last August, Trump warned that Somali refugees provide a “rich pool of potential recruiting targets for Islamist terror groups.” FBI Director James Comey has issued similar warnings.



Anonymous said...

To play devil advocate here, have they found proof he was instructed by ISIS other than ISIS saying they were responsible? Seems like they could take credit for any act of violence if it fits their agenda

Anonymous said...

Obviously noone looks at the fact that there in u.s raping kids etc if thats not enough to keep out people have no sense

Anonymous said...

They should have never been brought to the US to start with. Look at Europe.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind: The CIA and MOSSAD created ISIS

So yes, he was "with ISIS" in that he was part of a psyop on the American people. He was a dupe. A useful idiot. Sacrificed for their agenda: Wars of aggression

Brian Dayton said...

I do not care what they call Trump. I, for one, do not want any of those people here. I think a lot of others feel the same way.