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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wisconsin Elections Commission wants $3.5M for ballot recount

Green Party nominee Jill Stein and independent candidate Rocky De La Fuente will have to come up with $3.5 million by Tuesday afternoon to fund ballot recount efforts in Wisconsin, the state's bipartisan elections commission said Monday evening.

One or both of the candidates will have to pay $3,499,689 to the commission by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to a statement from Commission Administrator Michael Haas.

"County Clerks have done their best to estimate the actual costs of conducting a large recount in a relatively short time," Haas added. "The estimates may vary widely as some clerks may not have been able to precisely identify their estimated costs in the short time available to them. If the estimate turns out to be too high, the campaign will receive a refund. If the estimate is too low, they will have to pay the additional cost."

Stein has claimed the voting machines were flawed, saying those in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania had security issues. Stein and De La Fuente wanted ballots to be counted by hand, but Wisconsin elections officials denied that request. The two would have to fund the hiring of thousands of temporary workers necessary for the recount effort.



Anonymous said...

Why didnt they get the cash first ?

Anonymous said...

Jill Stein was seriously upset about this! Good. She doesn't deserve to keep the leftovers. I hope every state she approaches jacks up costs and legal fees. She is using this to raise money for herself and no one else. Let that money go to the states so they can help revitalize their inner cities. Serves her crooked, corrupt a$$ right. 🤔

Anonymous said...

Beware the diverting of of attention. There's more going on than this.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

Why is Jill Stein doing this, it's not gonna change anything. And Clinton had to jump on that Bandwagon as well. It seems as they both have Sore Looser Complex. I bet they already called their master Georgy Soros and asked for the Donation Check.

Anonymous said...

So after the recount Jill Stein may get two votes instead of one? She still looses by huge number

Anonymous said...

a lot of money to be wasting on such fruitlessness.