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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

A Viewer Writes: Chelsea's husband - Marc Mezvinsky


All that talk about Don Trump LEGALLY using the tax system to his advantage makes you wonder why there was no talk about the Clintons using a personal trust for their own advantage.

Well, here’s another one: Chelsea’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky is the owner of the hedge-fund, Eaglevale Partners Fund LP (Limited partnership) which is based in Manhattan – but tax-filed in Delaware. Like many companies, Delaware is a tax haven due to its low or no corporate tax rates. Nothing wrong with that, unless you compare it to how the MSM lambast Trump for doing the same. Double standard??

So, Trump used a the tax system legally and the Clinton campaign and her puppets, the MSM, are blasting him for filing his taxes correctly yet accusing him of abusing the system when her own son-in-law is doing the same thing.

Why doesn’t anyone in the MSM press asking him why he didn’t register his company in NY????

By the way, Marc’s dad served time in federal prison for ripping off investors to the tune of $10 million!! Again, where’s the MSM investigative journalism there!?!?

And to top it off, Hillary got all that money from her speaking engagement at Goldman Sachs….. guess where Marc and his partners used to work?? You guessed it- Goldman Sachs!! Makes you wonder if it was an arranged marriage? Seriously, nothing is ‘below’ the Clintons!

You can verify this at the SEC filing :

Trump is right: – there has never been a more corrupt person running for office in our country’s history.

We cannot let her get elected. Thanks for all you are doing to shed light on her corruption. May God truly bless America!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

The corruption around the Clintons is almost too much to handle, so much of it that the new revelations have the effect of obscuring the previous ones.

We can't forget that their entire adult lives have been devoted to scamming, taking what's not theirs and cutting in line, all done with a smile and a wave.

Anonymous said...

Joe google
His father Edward Mezvinsky was a con man in the 90s and did 5 yrs in prison runs in the familys?????

Anonymous said...

Really this should come as no surprise. The Liberal left claims the way to pay for all their proposals and action plans is to tax the rich. Come on! The Clintons are among them. How do you think they became rich? By using the legal tax loopholes and laws designed by them and the wealthy. The difference is Trump used the tax laws for his business enterprise and the other 1% use the tax laws through deductions, exemptions, etc. The only real way out of all this mess is entitlement reform, health care reform, enforcing existing laws and ferreting out fraudulent Medicare, social security, and welfare disbursements, re-industrialization, better trade deals where the U.S. is winning not losing, stabilization of the global economy, wealthy nations paying their fair share to the UN, and re-patriotism of the $$$ trillions off shore at a slight fee.

Anonymous said...

Vote Trump!!!