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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Ocean Pines Police Press Release 11-2-16 ***FRAUD ALERT***

****FRAUD ALERT******
Victim: Bernice Flax of EXIT Reality at the Beach
11002-3 Manklin Meadows Ln., Ocean Pines, MD
It was reported to our office on today's date that Ms. Bernice Flax, CEO of Exit Reality located in Ocean PInes has become a victim of identity theft/Fraud.
Ms. Flax's company email and phone number has been jeopardized by an unknown person. The suspect has created an email that is very similar to her own and has listed properties on craigslist adding the fraudulant email as contact for deposits etc.
At this time should you need Ms. Flax's services, we are requesting that you contact her directly at 410-629-9070.

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Anonymous said...

A realtor being a victim of fraud.
Poetic Justice I believe it's called.