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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Increase In Credit Card Use Boosts Boardwalk Tram Revenue

OCEAN CITY — Thanks in large part to the opportunity for riders to use credit cards at the point of sale, the Boardwalk tram has already blown past its revenue projections for fiscal year 2017 with two solid months of summer remaining on the front end of next season.

Through much of last winter, the Public Works’ transportation department began exploring the use of credit cards for mid-Boardwalk pick-ups in the interest of increasing revenue and improving the customer experience. Credit cards could always be used at the terminals on either end of the Boardwalk, but for customers picking up the tram mid-trip somewhere along the Boardwalk, it had been strictly cash and carry.

This year, however, Boardwalk tram staffers began carrying hand-held credit and debit card approval devices allowing customers to board mid-trip and simply swipe their cards without digging around for exact change. On Monday, the Transportation Committee got an update on the results for the first season and the figures were impressive.



Anonymous said...

See some ingenuity, 21st century thinking efficiency by City Hall (snicker) and what happens? A PROFIT!!! WOW!!!

Beware though...when one makes a profit - someone, somewhere, somehow will FIND a way to spend that profit and POOF!!! Its gone before you had time to count it!

Strategically plan NOW for the future of the tram services 5, 10, 15 years down the road. Save that profit NOW for the future replenishment of the tram services! Or else some other grand idea (like more fire works - ugh!) will extinguish that profit and the need for my taxes will increase yet AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

$3 is just too much, for my family of 5 that's $15 (I can do math, yey)
Sorry for that much, we'll walk.

Anonymous said...

They didn't get it from me. I avoid Ocean City in the summer. I usually visit in the off season. If I want to go to the beach, I visit Assateague or go to the Outer Banks of NC. Miles of beaches and the waters is always at least 10 degrees warmer!

Anonymous said...

Ocean City wants to do credit cards for the bus. I told some of their management how (simple that would be)todo that. Too hard to comprehend I think. After all, I'm just a bus driver.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bus Driver - thank you for your service/patience, especially during our summer months. Lots of patience during the summer!