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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

CNN Polls: Donald Trump Leads Nevada and Arizona

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Arizona today, but a new poll of the state released by CNN shows that Trump is leading the state comfortably.

Trump now leads Clinton by 5 points in Arizona among likely voters with 49 percent of the vote. Clinton earns 44 percent while Gary Johnson as slipped down to 5 percent. Green Party candidate Jill Stein has one percent.

Trump is also leading comfortably in Nevada, as the CNN poll there shows him ahead by six points. Forty-nine percent of likely voters support Trump while only 43 percent support Clinton.



Anonymous said...

Another day clintons will announce a ridiculous rumor about trump and the fake polls will go back in favor of Clinton. They have been doing it for entire campaign

Anonymous said...

Watching neil cavuto on fox news ,it amazing they put obama on live at a hillary rally and show Trump on the small screen in the right lower corner ? I guess fox is turning liberal who the hell is running fox.

JP said...


Anonymous said...

Murdochs Liberal Sons.

Anonymous said...

Trump is on his way to a landslide win. Hillary is TOAST!