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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Hillary Clinton gets her worst ratings since presidential race began, says poll

Hillary Clinton is the most unpopular she's ever been, disliked by six out of ten voters, a poll showed Monday - and there could be worse to come for the candidate as the impact of the FBI's email bombshell becomes clearer.

The Democrat is seen unfavorably by 60 per cent of voters to Trump's 58 per cent, according to the ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll.

That is her worst showing since the survey began tracking in May last year, shortly after she announced her candidacy.

The survey was conducted from Oct. 27-29 - only partially after the FBI sensationally announced on Friday that it was investigating thousands of emails that might be related to the former secretary of state's private server.



Gerald said...

The idiotic morons of America are starting to wake up! Trump is the only honest man running, and will save America!

(I say men running, because, no one has seen Hitlery wear nothing but pantsuits. Other female heads of state, congresswomen, judges, all dress like females.
I guess she is worried that folks will see she has a bigger pair than Obama).

Anonymous said...

The polls have been lying to us all along.

Anonymous said...

10:58 so if the polls have been lying to us can you imagine what Hillary's real unfavorable rating is

Anonymous said...

Hillary's worst ratings are yet to come.