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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Bobby Knight: ‘In a Donald Trump Administration, There Will Be No Bullsh*t’

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Thousands of Donald Trump supporters filled the DeltaPlex arena on a cool Halloween morning — some in costume — as the Republican presidential nominee made a bid to expand the electoral map and win a state that has long eluded Republican presidential candidates.

The crowd — some 8,000 strong in the DeltaPlex stadium — waited patiently through warmup speeches and delays, and were rewarded with an appearance by former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, who introduced Trump.”

“Donald Trump is a tough son-of-a-bitch,” he said, to cheers.

He added that Trump would never allow what Hillary Clinton allowed to happen in Benghazi: “There will never again be four Americans sent out on a hill and left to die,” he said.

Trump emerged to wild cheers, and walked through a familiar list of the country’s glaring economic and foreign policy problems.

He talked about the departure of jobs from the state, including the closure of Ford production facilities, which are relocating to Mexico [while Mexicans continue to pour into the US illegally and take even more jobs-- Editor].

“This is your one chance, right now, November 8th, to change it,” Trump said.

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Anonymous said...

Which is what is needed for this country.

Anonymous said...

Vote Trump, Vote Trump, Vote Trump

Anonymous said...

Bobby needs to be the coach of the congress and senate.Whip them into shape.