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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Clinton's Russia Attack On Trump Immediately Debunked By...The New York Times

For someone who likes to admonish her opponents for pushing "conspiracy theories" every time she finds herself embroiled scandal, Hillary Clinton seems to be more than willing to don the occasional tinfoil hat herself.

In her latest efforts to distract the public from the FBI's recent bombshell announcement, Clinton is claiming that GOP nominee Donald Trump maintains a "secret server" that privately communicates with Russia.

On Monday evening, Clinton tweeted out several "serious questions" about Trump's "secret server":



Anonymous said...

More from Hillary's fantasy world where everyone is against her for nothing at all. That "nothing at all" is 30 years of government corruption starting with her employment as an attorney in the Watergate case, moving on to pay to play, cocaine smuggling, insider trading, sweet land deals and tax dollar giveaways in the Arkansas governor's mansion.

Unknown said...

In true demoncratic fashion, she accuses others of what she herself has done.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Trump's secret communications with extraterrestrials! Or is that Hillary.... I get confused.