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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

‘Clinton’s black son’ to make ‘bombshell announcement’

Sources believe it will 'rock Hillary's campaign'

Danney Williams, the man from Little Rock, Arkansas, who has claimed since the 1990s to be the black illegitimate son of former President Bill Clinton, will hold a press conference Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to make an announcement his supporters characterize as a “bombshell that will rock Hillary’s campaign.”

Sources close to Williams who are planning the news event refused to divulge details of the announcement to WND.

Williams has demanded that Bill Clinton participate with him in a DNA test to verify his claim.

The conference will be hosted by a non-partisan coalition of civil rights, child-welfare and pro-life leaders.



Anonymous said...

Um... That was yesterday. No bombshell

Anonymous said...

It's not like mainstream media will cover it. Usually takes a few days for story's against crooked clintons to unpack... I think it's racist for Clinton to completely agnore this young black man. I think is sexist to disregard a women who claims it's your baby. Unprotected sex usually produces a baby... However Hillary does say WHITE people need to listen to black people more with the exception of this black female and black male.... together we are stronger.

Anonymous said...

Primary colors movie was all about Hillary and Bill..only they have gotten way more crooked since then.

Anonymous said...

Can't they obtain his DNA from the infamous Lewinsky dress?

Anonymous said...

If Bill had a son, he would look like Obama. :^)

Anonymous said...

yawn....its almost over!

TRUMP 2016!