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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Minority-owned company files suit against state's cannabis commission

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- A minority-owned company based in Annapolis, Maryland has filed suit against the state's cannabis commission claiming it was unfairly denied a preliminary license to grow medical marijuana.

Alternative Medicine Maryland, LLC filed suit in Baltimore City Circuit Court claiming the commission "was derelict in its legislatively mandated duty to actively seek to achieve racial, ethnic and geographical diversity when licensing medical cannabis growers."

The suit states that the commission "ignored race and ethnicity throughout the licensing process in clear contravention of its authorizing statute."



Anonymous said...

Because what the world needs now is more minority controlled drug businesses. Go America!

Anonymous said...

Oh, God, the itty bitty minority who became one by just naming the businessman's wife as "Owner" has its panties in a bunch because they don't automatically get what they want no matter the qualifications for the position.

Either you have the required facilities for a proper operation....OOOOHHHHH!, cough, cough, I guess that doesn't matter since you're a "minority"' now, does it?

Yes, it does.

Anonymous said...

Of course maryland has to stiffle any free enterprise with numerous regulations and BS. putting it out of reach of most small bussiness. Unless your a big corporation you wont stand a chance in MD

Anonymous said...

This is why it's been delayed another year. Directly hurting patients and income to Maryland. So tired of this sh^*

Anonymous said...

minority has nothing to do with it. the fix was in from the start, only those with the proper credentials i.e. lobbyists and politicians are allowed to play. the rest of you putzes can f off!
instant millions, through legislation. allow people to grow their own and put a stop to this BS!

Anonymous said...

Sooo, you don't want to be judged or singled out because of your race EXCEPT when it makes you money? Just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Its 2016 stop with the race card B.S.