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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Alabama pipeline blast sparks worries about South gas prices

A fatal explosion has shut down a pipeline supplying gasoline to millions of people across the Southeast - the second accident and shutdown in two months - raising the specter of another round of gas shortages and price increases.

It happened when a dirt-moving track hoe struck the pipeline, ignited gasoline and sparked a blast Monday, killing one worker and injuring five others, Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline said. Flames and thick black smoke continued to soar on Tuesday, and firefighters built an earthen berm to contain the burning fuel.

Four of the injured remained hospitalized, Colonial spokesman Bill Barry said at a Tuesday afternoon news conference in nearby Helena, Alabama. He had no updates on their conditions or the severity of their injuries. Another worker was treated at the scene, Barry said.



Anonymous said...

Just another way to justify a price increase.

Anonymous said...

2 major pipeline explosions in the last month. And not a single person at Homeland Security or Obama administration has mentioned possibility of terrorism??
How do you stifle the US? Shut down energy, electric grid, transport, financial systems and now internet. Any one of those and our country grinds to a halt.

Anonymous said...

they hit us today
Quick impact huh Exxon stations

Anonymous said...

How the hell can a heavy piece of equipment like that be working near a pipe line and be so careless? Heads need to roll big time and people need to be banned from the industry permanently.

Anonymous said...

agree 3:55. Not sure it isn't on purpose explosions.