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Monday, October 31, 2016


WikiLeaks released thousands of emails that show Hillary Clinton’s true views about Americans. In an email titled “Re: one chain on DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act)” from 2015 we see that Hillary Clinton’s stance on Gay Marriage hasn’t changed since 2004.

In 2004, Hillary Clinton spoke against gay people and gay marriage. Clinton declared that “Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman.”

In the leaked email Clinton staffers are stuck working around Clinton’s disapproval of gays. They try to tip-toe around the issue without offending the Clintons.

“I think everyone agrees we shouldn’t restate her argument. Question is whether she’s going to agree to explicitly disavow it. And I doubt it.”

“I’m not saying double down or ever say it again. I’m just saying that she’s not going to want to say she was wrong about that, given she and her husband believe it and have repeated it many times. Better to reiterate evolution, opposition to DOMA when court considered it, and forward looking stance. “



Anonymous said...

If “Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman”, what is it that Bill and Hillary have?

Anonymous said...

Now that is a great question. I love it, but don't believe I can answer it correctly. My guess though, would be to do with animal or beast.

Anonymous said...

Hillary will get rid of gay marriage. My entire life she has been opposed of it until 2015? Come on people, really believe her now? Yet liberals say CLINTON has always been for it. False. They also say she is anti war. False voted YES to every war of my life time. Civil rights. False. Young black people are super predators and then created a law of 3 STRIKES AND YOUR OUT targeting black males.

Anonymous said...

Which ever way the wind blows and of course brings money with it.

Anonymous said...

and they made fun of black first names and called blacks losers and lazy 9:00! The local black politician A Jackson couldn't promote Clinton enough. See how insincere blacks are when they come to calling themselves Christian. Jackson is all for a liar and someone who promotes the killing of unborn babies and is for same sex marriage and relationships something against Bible teachings. You don't pick and choose what parts of the Bible suit you to follow. But that's okay. God sees the ugly Jackson's is and He has a special place in hell waiting for her. She can quote scripture all day long but God sees and she will be punished by Him accordingly. He doesn't like stains like her walking with the truly faithful and pretending and He will not tolerate her evil. She's probably going to get poor health news is what I think as punishment for her ugly.

Anonymous said...

Well that is one thing to her credit!