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Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton's problem with women

Her foreign policy failures have harmed women around the world

Two weeks before the election, Hillary Clinton appears on track to win the presidency and become the first female commander in chief. She can credit her surge in the polls this last month to women — primarily her opponent’s offensive comments unearthed from a decade ago and the various accusations that have suddenly surfaced and have dominated the media.

Throughout the campaign’s debates and stump speeches, Mrs. Clinton has portrayed herself as a holier-than-thou defender of women and girls. Political platitudes are one thing, but Mrs. Clinton’s record related to women and girls tells quite a different story, and should give her supporters pause.

And no, that is not a lead into Mrs. Clinton’s handling of her husband’s numerous sexual misconducts, the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising from oppressive regimes, or her extremist view of late-term neonatal infanticide. Rather, I am referring to how Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy failures have led to actual death, rape and enslavement of women and girls around the world, as example after example will show. Mrs. Clinton may not have pulled the trigger or committed the sexual assault, and no doubt the individual perpetrators will have their own day of reckoning, but her policy actions and inactions further enabled, encouraged and permitted these horrible atrocities.



Anonymous said...

Hillary will not win this. It will be a Trump landslide.

Anonymous said...

We as I am a woman do not like her at all. (map)

Anonymous said...

women don't like her, men don't like her, millennials don't like her. How can she be so far ahead (supposedly)as to win this election?

Anonymous said...

Most women are catty. .I'm that is a problem for her..the ones that aren't don't like her because she's a beast. And most pencil pushing men have wives like her, so ythey don't like her.And men who are blue collar see her as lesbian nurse really how many people will vote for her..she's lost a big portion just by her attitude alone..