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Monday, October 31, 2016

Holding Hillary Accountable

This week’s WikiLeaks dump provided further sordid details about the Clintons’ breathtaking corruption—something nobody reasonable has doubted for quite some time. As expected, the Clinton camp’s response is to dismiss, distort, diminish, dodge, and divert. They do so in easy reliance on the active support of a sycophantic press corps. When faced with the most corrupt Presidential candidate in living memory, the craven media have instead attempted to portray Donald Trump’s personal or business behavior as somehow worse than the Clintons’ decades of abuse of America’s highest public offices.

Hillary Clinton, as her supporters endlessly remind us, has spent her entire adult life in or near government. Donald Trump has not. As a result, Clinton has owed the public certain duties over the past several decades that never applied to a business leader like Trump—or to any other private citizen. Yet somehow, from the debate moderators to the editorial pages to the “journalists” whose charge it is to act as our democracy’s watchdogs, the media have worked overtime to invert the proper standard for judging the two candidates. Comments from private citizen Trump that are under perpetual attack have overshadowed not only far more troubling speech but also actual behavior from public representative Clinton that qualifies as sexist, racist, criminal and corrupt—or that has cost Americans their lives.



Anonymous said...

For past government service to be relevant to the qualifications for presidential candidacy and the role as president, that service needs to be a shining example of good stewardship and selfless support of the electorate. Hillary's was neither.

Anonymous said...

She should be on trial and found guilty of treason against this country and so should her so-called husband, Bill.