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Monday, October 31, 2016

Brazile Exclaims "Please God, Let This End Soon" As CNN Fires Her For "Uncomfortable Interactions" With Clinton Campaign

Update: Politico reports that in yet another statement, CNN spokeswoman Lauren Pratapas said that on Oct. 14, the network accepted Brazile's resignation.
"On October 14th, CNN accepted Donna Brazile’s resignation as a CNN contributor. (Her deal had previously been suspended in July when she became the interim head of the DNC."
In a tweet, Brazile thanked CNN and her former colleagues there.
"Thank you @CNN. Honored to be a Democratic Strategist and commentator on the network. Godspeed to all my former colleagues," she wrote.
*  *  *
As we detailed earlier, it seems DNC Chair Donna Brazile is hoping for rescue by a higher power as the net narrows around her lies and obfuscation. Following more examples of Brazile passing debate questions to the Clinton Campaign, CNN spokesperson Lauren Pratapas said in a statement that:
CNN "never gave Brazile access to any questions, prep material, attendee list, background information or meetings in advance of a town hall or debate."

"We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor."
While there has ben no official statement from the DNC, here is Donna Brazile's latest tweet...


Anonymous said...

Telling the truth would make it easier, fool.

Anonymous said...

Being a brazen liar is high on the list of job requirements for DNC head.She is just the most recent. Consider recent examples:

Donna Brazile
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Terry McAuliffe
Tim Kaine

Anonymous said...

Missed one


Anonymous said...

Democrat can't tell the truth. They are all pathological liars.

Anonymous said...

What? She was fired from the Clinton News Network? Seriously, all these "news networks" that have been blatantly lying to us for decades are soon to be boycotted out of existence. Good riddance.