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Monday, October 31, 2016

If Hillary wins, we’ll have a potential blackmail target in the White House

“This is just a distraction,” Democratic pollster Mark Mellman says of the news the FBI is reexamining the Clinton email case.

During a press conference — which lasted all of three minutes — Hillary Clinton herself said, “I think people a long time ago made up their minds about the emails. I think that’s factored into that people think and now they’re choosing a president.”

But for people in the intelligence community -- including disgruntled FBI agents and even former officials in the Pentagon, it’s not that easy.

The revival of the Clinton email scandal reminds them of just how exposed Clinton left highly classified information.

Last September, an FBI report noted the bureau couldn’t find proof her private email server was hacked into by adversaries. But it noted that the private server had to be shut down repeatedly because of hacker attacks and a successful attack wasn’t likely to have left fingerprints. Also, some "hostile foreign actors" were able to break into the personal email accounts of Clinton’s close aides, obtaining a treasure trove of emails exchanged with her personal account.

Given the growing suspicions that the Clinton Foundation may have exchanged favors with the Clinton State Department, her private server could be of great interest in establishing such links.

In short, we have to acknowledge the danger that Hillary Clinton could be the target of international blackmail in the White House.

Consider what happened the first time the Clinton couple was there..

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Anonymous said...

Comey presented a case and should've indicted Hillary the first time around but didn't. Now he's trying to save face from the mutiny among FBI agents and the public. Let's hope he gets it right this time.

Anonymous said...

The 'blackmail' factor is one of the main vulnerabilities in holding a security clearance.

That is what they are mainly looking for when checking people out for a clearance.

Imagine the vulnerability of someone who has control of most of the US government..