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Monday, October 31, 2016

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement Today 10/29/16 DESTROYS FBI Director James Comey


Anonymous said...

She's right in many points. Comey should have done his job in the first place and indicted Clinton back in July. And do we really want the Clintons' scandals and lies to continue and disgrace and embarrass our Nation further? I think we've had enough of the Clintons and they need to be charged for the crimes they're guilty of and put in prison. Enough of this madness. Vote Trump/Pence!

Anonymous said...

Comey did what he was told to do.
He said what was written for him to say (read).

Anonymous said...

What everyone seems to be avoiding mentioning is that Weiner had access to the Yahoo emails from his laptop and also had the ability to copy them all to a folder on the laptop before they could be deleted from the server. Putting them into a folder named INSURANCE was probably fitting given that he could be facing 20 years from the FBI.

Hillary and Huma have both demonstrated that they are far from computer geniuses. Heaven only knows what other mistakes they have made in the attempt to hide their schemes.

Anonymous said...

Judge Pirro is HOT !