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Monday, October 31, 2016

AG Lynch 'trying so hard' to protect Clinton: Trump

Donald Trump said he is convinced Attorney General Loretta Lynch is trying to protect Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

"Now its reported today, this morning, that the Department of Justice was fighting the FBI," Trump said, referring to news accounts that Lynch had questioned the way FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers that he looking back into an investigation into Clinton because of newly uncovered emails.

"That's because the Department of Justice is trying so hard to protect Hillary," Trump told a crowd Saturday in Golden, Colo.

He said he thinks Lynch is coming to Clinton's defense over promises made about her reappointment as attorney general under a Clinton White House.



Anonymous said...

She's pleading the fifth to get out of testifying, she need not be allowed any input!

Steve said...

Trump is correct. Lynch is puppet of Obama and will be going down with the ship when Hillary is indicted. She is playing with fire here, and she will get burned by it. She has no right to the 5th as our paid employee. She needs to step down and put on here orange prison siut.