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Monday, October 31, 2016

FBI REOPENS Hillary Case! Judge Jeanine Opening Statement


Steve said...

The ship is going to sink, and so far Loretta Lynch will be on it. That means Comey has to get out of the "box" that he would normally have to stay in in order to save his reputation.

Clinton will be indicted, but by whom? Will Obama be on or off the ship when it sinks?

Anonymous said...

I love Conway's comment, "...the Clinton scandalabra..."

Anonymous said...

If HRC had turned ober the emails when subpeonaed, this would have been over and done months ago. Dint forgot it was her dishonesty in destroying evodence that landed her in this boat. She gambled and lost. You play , you pay! Haha ha!

Anonymous said...


HRC didn't turn over the emails most likely because they would have shown the bribery and RICO inherent in the Clinton Crime Corruption Foundation

Anonymous said...

She will continue to not recall.