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Monday, October 31, 2016

Throw Huma Under The Bus?

There is so much in innuendo and guesses and biased opinion floating around on this ‘morning after’ the Comey bombshell that the only option we have is to read and watch a ton of stuff and see what sticks. One thing that definitely should stick was published late last night by Paul Sperry for the New York Post.

He scores a solid and massive point that looks as damning for the FBI itself (or at least the superiors), as it does for Hillary Clinton. It is, in that regard, perhaps telling that one of the alleged reasons whispered for FBI director Jim Comey to come forward on Friday is that he feared details of the probe would otherwise be leaked to the press.

Sperry’s point: the emails that are at the center of Friday’s announcement that Hillary Clinton ‘s entire email server investigation will be re-opened -whether formally or not is moot-, were obtained by seizing devices from Anthony Weiner in relation him sexting to a 15-year old girl.

And seizing devices was exactly what was never done in Hillary’s case, though “agents assigned to that case knew Abedin hoarded classified emails on her electronic devices.” They were seized neither from Hillary nor from her closest aide Huma Abedin, who now probably- and probably rightly- fears that she may be thrown under the bus at the first convenient moment.

Hillary doesn’t appear to know what exactly is on the Weiner/Abedin device, but her staff is undoubtedly preparing a defense based on Hillary denying she knew anything about what emails Huma kept and/or sent. Such a defense may well be useless, depending on the contents of the mails. But by now it’s full blown panic danger control in the campaign.

While at the FBI the mood may now be that a second consecutive investigation that would end in a second consecutive ‘dismissal’ would be unacceptable to -a lot of- agents. Something Comey is undoubtedly painfully aware of. His ‘own people’ may have given him an ultimatum: either you do it right this time, or we will.



Anonymous said...

tried to send you one of "the emails" but it says it is too large, and when I shortened it I got an error message '400'

Anonymous said...

any advice? interested?

Anonymous said...

Oh Huma's being stuffed under the bus all right. You could see it coming. In While the Podesta and DNC emails give an insight into the inner workings of our politicos, the HRC emails have the potential to be the most damaging. None of this would be an issue right now if Hillary hadn't insisted on using a private email system and her blackberry. If she had conducted her business on a computer 1) she wouldn't have been able to drag her feet to turn the emails over; 2) they wouldn't be floating around in the cloud unknown and storing themselves on Anthony Weiner's computer and 3) if any confidential info had been hacked, it wouldn't have been her problem to deal with. It's all on HRC but as usual those closest to the Clintons are going to pay.

Anonymous said...

I read that huma's mail on her husbands computer was labeled...Insurance.

Anonymous said...

Most of these a** clowns have assistants so they can blame someone when the sh#* hits the fan...Huma probally does have "insurence"..649..Working for that B, I would too.

Anonymous said...

No one is safe from the Clinton's except the Clinton's.

Anonymous said...

Huma is as good as gone(as in dead).

Anonymous said...

Throw Huma under Hillary's covers (in bed)
She has been there before many times no doubt