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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wikileaks Exposes Collusion

By Thornton Crowe

Click on pictures to see enlarged versions of all images within.

When Julian Assange promised the next few Email Dumps would put Hillary Clinton behind bars, he wasn't kidding. Following through with the goods, he has given astounding evidence to indict Mrs. Clinton without a doubt.

As many informed voters here already know, Wikileaks has released John Podesta emails everyday over the last week. Many of these emails show clear collusion between the Media giants as listed: NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Boston Globe, Washington Post and New York Times as well as specific people at Fox News i.e. Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith. Pretty much, the whole Media establishment has been acting as an arm of the Clinton campaign to cover up the devious acts of her past revealed in the the leaks.

The press's dereliction of duty to the public couldn't be more blatant and offensive as its been during this election as they have completely ignored these email exposures but pushed false narratives of sexual harassment stories about Donald Trump. The stories are absolutely ridiculous and without merit. Many have already discovered the obvious ties between these fake victims and the Clinton Foundation/Hillary Clinton alliance.

Confirmed the Number is the SAME
For example, Jessica Leeds has pictures of her partying with Clinton as well as her listed phone number is that of the Clinton Foundation.

Additionally, Leeds is listed as a Secretary for the NY Women for Clinton campaign whose been doing grassroots projects throughout the metro area. If you look at the image below, you can see where one of the volunteers complains about her "treatment" while handing out Clinton literature in Union Square. See where the arrows point to reveal Leed's connection to the Clinton organization.

Furthermore, Leeds said her encounter with Trump was in First Class, but can anyone cite when and where they've ever heard of Trump flying Commercial? He's had his own jet fleet since the Eighties - which is when this woman alleges they had an encounter.

Another victim has famed queen of sleaze lawyer Gloria Allred, but within the Wikileaks emails, Allred suggested to Clinton campaign to 'generate' sexual harassment: May 16, 2016, citing Trump as the presumptive nominee. If you remember, this sleaze attorney at law has represented many fake victims, including the woman who falsely accused Herman Cain in 2012 - which ended his primary bid. Ironically, once out of the race, the victim disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Yes, it's really that bad. More fodder to get your minds off the Wikileaks reveals and here's why...

The emails demonstrate collusions that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that criminality within the Clinton organization has run unfettered for years. They also go to show the driven force to win this election at all costs without any morality whatsoever!

Clear indications demonstrate this illegal collusion between the State Department, Department of Justice and the White House during the shim-sham investigation of Clinton's email server, which ended in a stunning declaration from crooked Big Jim (James Comey.)

In the example, Podesta and Mills discuss Obama's emails on the private server. Didn't he say to the public he didn't know about her private server until 'we did...?" Also, they revealed that they did not turn over all the emails as indicated from this gem.

Further damning is the wet work conversation between John Podesta and an associate two days before Anthony Scalia's death in Texas. Wetwork is code for assassination used by the KGB (how ironic) and the email clearly indicates the other person's damning response. Note: the Vineyard referred to is, the ranch where Scalia was has a vineyard!

Another damning piece of evidence to tie into the indications of assassination is on the very day of  Scalia's death (2/13/2016), Podesta starts suggesting Supreme Court Justice replacements. 

Chelsea Clinton is quoted in many speeches, "It's good that Scalia has died because now we can rid ourselves of the Second Amendment..." 

Question: When was the last time you woke up with the pillow case over your head? 

People, you have got to get your heads out of the proverbial sands and go look at these Wikileaks for yourselves. You have got to understand what you're voting for in this election. Some have no excuse for your negligence and downright belligerence because you've been around long enough to know this is how the Clintons have always rolled - it didn't just spring up out of nowhere.

Link to Wikileaks...

It's clear you cannot depend on the Media to do your thinking for you in this election. When looked at the statistics, the Media altogether has spent less that two minutes (total) on these Wikileaks while obsessing on Trump's fake victims for over forty minutes.

Now ask yourselves, which of these two situations really impacts your bottom line and the future for our country? While I'm all for having a female president, a criminal one is not and should not be even be on the table as a choice!

Keep calm and vote RESPONSIBLY...That means, Get INFORMED! 


Anonymous said...

This is huge. Especially the discussion on Scalia's assasination.

Concerned Retiree said...

This surprises who?

Thornton Crowe said...

Yes, 10:02am, it is huge considering the constitutional ramifications; however, many don't seem to fully grasp what this death means to our freedoms. Sadly, many just vote on emotionality points or historical statements rather than on facts and actions.

The Media's hell bent on dragging Clinton across the finish line, be damned what it means for Americans in the long run. People seriously need to take a good long look at Clinton's past and her failure to produce any solutions for the woes she's been complaining about for 30+ years. She's been in positions to make changes but has been too busy self-enriching to care about them, other than using them as empty platitudes for her campaigns along the way.

These emails are a Godsend to us and we should investigate them thoroughly as our Justice system has failed us miserably due to collusion and corruption. It's time ALL Americans did their homework instead of just relying on a corrupt media to do their thinking for them.

Anonymous said...

I can only say that we have had more than enough evidence to put her in jail . As long as we have the obama administration in charge , nothing will be done. Loretta Lynch will excuse her of all wrong doing . You know it and I know it.If we had several eye witnesses of a murder she committed she would still walk free , so sad. By the way , speaking of murder , I'm sure if we had a good investigation we would find her guilty of that.

Thornton Crowe said...

Then 10:45am you know what needs to be done. Nothing will be done until we VOTE out the corruption, top down. With Obama goes Lynch and possibly Comey so it's up to us to make that happen sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence , however , I'm so afraid of the corruption that is in in the government , if Trump wins by a landslide Hillary will cry
foul and that's it . You know and I know this is what will happen.

Thornton Crowe said...

2:06PM If you continue to think negatively, negativity will continue to happen. Try concentrating on Trump winning and let tomorrow take care of itself. Justice always has a way of seeking out people of Clinton's ilk. It always happens one way or another.