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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clinton Backed Puerto Rico Debt Relief Bill Afte Donor’s Email

Puerto Rican treasury department has paid campaign chair’s brother’s firm $1.9 million

Hillary Clinton formally backed legislation to relieve Puerto Rico of billions of dollars in debt after a top Clinton fundraiser who lobbies for the Puerto Rican treasury raised the issue with her campaign chair, hacked emails show.

Podesta Group president Tony Podestaemailed his brother, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, in March 2015. The subject line was “Puerto Rico,” while the body of the email asked, “Can you call me today re PR. Need advice not action.”

The Podesta Group has represented the Puerto Rico Department of the Treasury since 2013. At the time, Tony Podesta and seven of the firm’s other lobbyists were pushing for passage of congressional legislation to allow the U.S. commonwealth to restructure its debt through Chapter 9 bankruptcy proceedings.

The Puerto Rican treasury has paid the Podesta Group $1.9 million since it enlisted the firm’s services in mid-2013.



Anonymous said...

Paying Devillary's friends over a million dollars by a broke / bankrupt treasury. How does that happen. They must not be a bankrupt country. What is Devillary's kick back?

lmclain said...

They are THE slimiest, nastiest, low down thieving, bribe taking, lying, two position manipulators to have EVER made a run at the presidency.
America elects a man with no experience at anything to the Presidency. Now, it appears we will likely elect a gangster. And expect different results for the USA.
What's crazy is these people hold sway over millions of people who know far more about the kardashian's than they do about American history.
Keep cheering.