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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Martin Armstrong Fears "We Are Being Prepared For World War?"

The choice for president has never been so bad. The latest polls show 63% of voters said Clinton is overly secretive, 55% said she was corrupt, and 52% said she was “extremely liberal.” This is very interesting since the only presidents since 1900 to be elected with greater than 60% of the popular vote were Lyndon Johnson in 1964 after the Kennedy Assassination, 61.05%, Franklin Roosevelt in 1936 with 60.80%, Richard Nixon in 1972 with 60.67%, and Warren Harding in 1920 with 60.32%. Therefore, Hillary beats everyone with the highest rating of distrust.

The polls are being rigged as they were in Britain for BREXIT. But plan B is clearly being put into play already preparing the public for the accusation that should Trump win, the election will be called a fraud because of Russian hackers.



Anonymous said...

And if it looks like Trump will win Obama will pop it off before the election and use it as an excuse to stay in power... Checkmate.

Anonymous said...

It has been confirmed, should Obama do this, he will be arrested! It violates many treaties and accords across the globe.

Anonymous said...

That's not checkmate, that would be political suicide for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Who will arrest him? FBI? DOJ? Gonna have to be a citizens arrest. Are you ready for that?

Anonymous said...

1107 it would be a tribunal between the military and Congress.