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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hillary campaign chief linked to money-laundering in Russia

Just as Clinton was making favorable State decisions

Emails released this week by Wikileaks indicate John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, laundered shares of stock he received from an energy company cited in the Panama Papers money-laundering probe that has received funding from the Russian government.

WND reported Oct. 6 Podesta had been paid an undisclosed amount for serving on the executive board of Joule Global Stichting, an appointment he neglected to report to regulatory authorities in the U.S.

He also has received consulting fees from the Wyss Foundation, a group controlled by Swiss billionaire Hansjoerg Wyss, an investor in Joule Energy, according to Peter Schweizer’s Government Accountability Institute in a report, “From Russia with Money: Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset, and Cronyism.”

Joule Global Stichting and Joule Global Holdings figure prominently as a client of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, which is at the heart of the Panama Papers investigation into offshore money-laundering operations on a massive international scale.

WND reported Russian entities that funneled money to Joule and its related companies, and ultimately to Podesta, include Viktor Vekselberg, a controversial Russian billionaire investor with ties to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful. An administration by, of and for criminals; criminals who have actual ties to the very ones Hillary blames for the damaging email leaks.
How could we possibly go wrong with a new government led by thieves, liars and deceivers?

Anonymous said...

YUP i have been saying this for years esp the clinton laundering foundation.

Anonymous said...

If you're sitting on the fence about this election, consider that the Clintons responses to damning evidence are becoming more and more often "I don't remember" and "I don't recall", and that those who were involved in their doings are refusing to answer because it might incriminate them.
Is this the government that you want?

Anonymous said...

America can't handle another Obama in office. The women wants open boarders to OUR country. America will not be the same if she gets in.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants this government.
A bunch of people however really like the free stuff that communists take from other people.
Even the moochers know Hillary is a bad person, and a criminal.
But they like the free stuff.

Once a government is turned like this it is very difficult to get back to a government of the people.
The richest people on the planet do not like "government of the people".
They prefer government they control.
With their money.

Anonymous said...

As a democrat i welcome world open boarders and welfare for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Yet they claim it's Russians who are behind Wikileaks. Putin is probably none too happy about being made scapegoat for all of Clinton's own devious undoing. She owns this whole thing period. Who cares about where these emails come from; what's inside is what's much more important. If MSM did their job, Wikileaks would've never had to form. Thank God they did because now we see MSM is just as guilty in covering up crime as the actual hostile actors involved.