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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wall Street speeches reveal the real Hillary

The (true) story that Hillary Clinton is a liar on issues big and small, that she uses half-truths, deceptions and dissembling to cover up her reprobate behavior is an old one.

But it’s a story Hillary breathes more life into every day she moves closer to becoming president. The latest treasure trove of evidence: a WikiLeaks email dump chronicling her two-faced behavior in such dramatic tones that it should be required reading for anyone who thinks she has the temperament to lead this country. (She hasn’t denied the emails’ authenticity.)

At issue in the emails, which were apparently hacked from an aide’s account, is the disparity between her rhetoric when speaking before Wall Street types who are paying her (and whom she needs for campaign contributions), and voters she needed over the past year to win this fall’s presidential election.



Anonymous said...

Which witch is which?

Anonymous said...

It's time to break the engagement. A four year marriage to this woman (and her family) is the last thing I and my family need.