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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Police see heightened threat of ambush after year of unrest

Hours after five Dallas police officers were killed by sniper fire during a July protest over police aggression, a call reporting a break-in at an apartment came in to the Valdosta Police Department in Georgia.

Officer Randall Hancock, a 10-year veteran, responded to the scene, where an armed man later identified as Stephen Beck was lying in wait. Beck shot Hancock three times, with two bullets catching in his bulletproof vest and a third entered his abdomen. Hancock, who survived, returned fire and severely wounded the suspect.

Beck, 22, was suffering from depression and set up the scene in a bid to commit suicide-by-cop.

It was just one example in a growing number of police officer ambushes across the country in recent months. On Wednesday night, two Boston police officers were critically injured after responding to a domestic call where they were shot by a man wearing body armor. And on Saturday, two Palm Springs, Calif., police officers were killed by a suspected gang member who lured them to their deaths.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The media is also hiding the fact that the cop killer in Boston that Murdered two Boston Police Officers what black and he recently converted to..........Islam!