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Saturday, October 15, 2016


WASHINGTON (AP) -- You wouldn't think there was much left to learn about Hillary Clinton after her nearly four decades in the public arena.

But Clinton's time as secretary of state and as a private citizen after her failed 2008 presidential campaign have generated new issues revolving around the intersection of money, politics, privilege and privacy.

Her use of a private email setup as secretary of state has stirred up a hornet's nest over her loose handling of classified material and fed the perception she tries to play by her own set of rules.

Her big haul of money from private speeches to Wall Street interests after she left the government stoked questions about whether she would really look out for ordinary Americans. Recent leaks about the content of those speeches have fed into talk about whether there are really two Clintons - one public, one private, as she pretty much acknowledged in communications that she intended to stay private.

And Clinton's links to her family's foundation while she was secretary of state have transported age-old questions about the influence of money into an all-new context. Never before have there been husband and wife presidencies, with all the swirling interests and potential conflicts that sort of power couple would bring.

A look at some of what's been learned about Clinton over the course of the campaign:



Anonymous said...

And in her 4 decades, what has she accomplished? Effin' nothing!

Anonymous said...

She's done less than nothing. No jobs, no good foreign policy, no preservation of Constitutional rights, no standing up for religious freedoms. The facts point that in all of these cases, she's put them steps back instead of forward.