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Saturday, October 15, 2016

New York Times Gave Hillary Veto Power

Wikileaks emails show reporter agreed to let Clinton campaign cut quotes before story ran

Hillary Clinton spent time in summer 2015 with New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich and made a crack about 2008 Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

But the remark didn’t make it into the long profile. Leibovich agreed to give the Clinton campaign veto power over the statements she made.

The revelation comes in Part III of a massive email release by the hacker group WikiLeaks.

Leibovich evidently gave the campaign the ability to ax quotes as part of a deal for access. Representatives from the Times did not immediate respond to an inquiry from LifeZette.

Leibovich emailed campaign communication director Jennifer Palmieri on July 7, 2015, to try to lobby for a batch of quotes.



Anonymous said...

The mainstream media and career politicians are all siding with Clinton to keep corrupt politics in DC. The business-as-usual crowd.
It's time for change. Vote Trump/Pence!

Anonymous said...

I remember a time when I respected the NYT.