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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump Attacks FBI & DOJ For Corrupt Hillary Investigation - “It Was Crime At The Highest Level”

After what clearly seems like a coordinated, multi-day attack by the mainstream media on the Trump campaign, culminating with the most recent New York Times article alleging sexual assault, the campaign has officially opened up new fronts in its war on the Washington establishment. After attacking members of his own party, mostly Paul Ryan, earlier in the week for withdrawing their support, Trump has now directed his wrath towards the FBI and DOJ calling for an "investigation into the investigation" conducted by the FBI of Hillary's private server.

The latest Trump "hit", as the Hillary team referred to them in the Podesta emails, started at Sunday's debate when Anderson Cooper, in the first question of the night, manipulated Trump's now infamous "lewd" comments to Billy Bush to imply they were an admission to actual sexual assault. As can be seen in the video below, Trump acknowledged the comments and apologized for them, but Cooper refused to moved on until he forced Trump to respond to a completely fabricated allegation that his words were necessarily an admission of actual sexual assault.

Then, not terribly surprisingly, within a couple of days, the New York Times released a follow-up "hit" in which they revealed women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by the Donald a couple of decades ago. And, of course, Clinton spokeswoman, Jennifer Palmieri, immediately called out Trump for "lying" about the scandal at the debate.


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