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Saturday, October 15, 2016

When Outnumbered Talks Comey

Seems FBI Director James Comey has now become the political scapegoat to many -- even the ladies on the Fox News noon show, Outnumbered. Newt Gingrich is their token 'male' guest discusses the ramifications of the stunning double justice system as per Comey's egregious claims of no culpability. Here's the segment.


Dare to be informed!

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter. I don't watch these shows anymore because of their usual hate-bashing so they've morphed into one in my world. Corrected. Now, all is perfect in Camelot once again!


Anonymous said...

Cheers!--TC Dare to be informed!

"The Five" comes on at 5 PM - "Out Numbered" at Noon. Note the video also says OutNumbered

Thornton Crowe said...

What can I say, I've read over 3,000 emails today. It's all morphing into one big blah!

Anonymous said...

It's ok, I am an admirer of those can admit they made a mistake and change their postings to actual fact.