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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Energizer: Clinton Campaign Closely Monitored Reports About Bill Clinton’s Alleged Mistress

Hillary Clinton’s campaign closely monitored reports of Bill Clinton’s alleged mistresses, including rumors surrounding one woman nicknamed “The Energizer” who routinely visited his home.

Hillary Clinton’s aide Cheryl Mills sent an email inquiring about a Daily Mail report speculating about the identity of Energizer.

“Who is the ‘Energiser’ (sic) who has been Clinton’s secret lover?” she asked, sending a link to the story.



Anonymous said...

Bill is interviewing them for Hillary ! He try's them out to make sure they will do Hillary right

Anonymous said...

Of course they are referring to Gennifer Flowers. She waited in the wings until Hillary left the property and then security gave the "all clear" signal for her to advance and be "coupled".

Anonymous said...

no, not Gennifer. It's a more modern companion, who probably stays there as soon as hrc leaves their chappaquiddick home.