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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

'Take the money!' How Clinton campaign gleefully accepted cash from lobbyists for foreigners

Aides to Hillary Clinton considered a ban on bundling from lobbyists representing foreign interests, decided against it and forgot to tell the candidate.

Senior staff decided to bar lobbyists registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, FARA, from raising money for the campaign in a leaked email chain that began the day after Clinton announced her presidential bid.

They were persuaded to reverse their position after members of the finance team and a campaign lawyer pointed out how much money was at stake.

'Take the money!!' Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri advised.


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Anonymous said...

Taking foreign donations for Presidential campaigns in the US is illegal. It is against FEC laws, rules and regulations without exception! Think to yourself and it's perfect logic. If someone is indebted to foreign entities and countries, where does their loyalty lie? With the US People or Foreign entities/countries?