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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Clinton Foundation attacks reporter in failed bid to kill critical story

Making their own claims of media bias, the Clinton Foundation has lashed out at the millennial news site Fusion for running a sharply critical investigative story about Bill Clinton's lackluster efforts in Colombia, charging that the reporter doesn't like the Clintons.

But in an unexpected rebuff, the website backed by pro-Clinton Univision and one that features Donald Trump critic Jorge Ramos as a columnist, refused to back down and kill the Monday story headlined,"The Clinton Foundation left a toxic legacy in Colombia."

In a letter to Fusion and Univision executives, provided to Secrets, the Foundation slapped reporter Ken Silverstein as anti-Clinton and demanded the story be pulled down.



Anonymous said...

Clinton's demands are getting ridiculous. They are corrupt and everyone knows it and they hate that everyone knows it now. Keep on reporting how corrupt they are, get it out there - they do not belong in the white house again. Vote TRUMP!!

Anonymous said...

Awl truth hurts?
They don't even belong in this country

Anonymous said...

It looks like they gave the Clinton Foundation an opportunity to respond.