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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

ANSWER To Earlier Quiz

Who am I?

My name is Jimmy Walker and I was the  Democrat Mayor of New York City from in office from January1,1926 to September 1, 1932. A real slickster, I also served as a NY Senator before becoming mayor. I was deep in politics most of my adult life as you'll see from my bio link!

I was quite the swinger in my day. I was audacious and all of New York loved me, even the corrupt machines in the city's underbelly.

I disappeared in the dark of night after being busted for several counts of corruption during the Tammany Hall days in New York. See, I was in cahoots with William "Boss" Tweed, which unfortunately, led to my downfall.

After my escape, I toured Europe with my Ziegfeld gal pal (who I eventually married) to avoid prosecution - with New York taxpayers' money no less.

As you can see, I do have a lot in common with Hillary Clinton, but in my dishonest and corrupted opinion, she's far worse!

By George, 10:54AM You were the FIRST to guess who I am. Congrats goes out to Contestant 1054A!

It never hurts to learn some history, it just might save your future.

Dare to be informed!

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