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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton accused of stealing furniture from the State Department by an FBI agent

Hillary Clinton has been accused of stealing furniture from the State Department and using it in her home, according to recently released FBI records.

The claim came from an ex-agent with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security who served as part of her security detail while in office.

A 100-page dossier also provides evidence of claims that Clinton's staff tried to convince the FBI to downgrade the classification of some emails on her private server in return for more special agents stationed abroad.

The dossier, which is redacted, does not show who initiated the discussion about altering the classification of the emails.



Anonymous said...

To think this hussy is a candidate to lead our great country. It blows my mind that evidence is surfing each day that should lead to taking her citizenship away. I can't imagine how this arrogant vile subject could gather any support to ruin us, but as I don't view "their information source", they doubtfully watch mine. Not to say my sources are all that great. They have many losers on air too.

Anonymous said...

The furniture that she deserves is a single bunk, a stainless steel combination sink and toilet, and a naked stool bolted to the floor.

Anonymous said...

She did the same thing when she left the White House, this is theft from every American! She knows she can do this with no consequence ie. charges. But let some underling take something of low value and they would end up behind bars!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She would have done the same thing in the Arkansas governor's mansion, but it was all 2x4 and plywood furniture, covered in cocaine residue.

Anonymous said...

I guess o'malley told her how to steal furniture.