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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Breaking: John Kerry Threatened US Will Attack Ecuador With Military Air Strikes If They Do Not Cut Off Assange’s Internet Link!

We have info that Obama administration threatened to bomb Ecuador if they do not cut off Julian Assange’s internet link!

This info is not confirmed and will never be, but we are almost sure in our source.

This is what is official by now.

According to The Gateway Pundit:
Secretary of State John Kerry demanded the Ecuadorian Embassy in London cut off Julian Assange’s internet be cut off. Wikileaks tweeted the development on Tuesday.

McClatchy reported:

Wikileaks said Tuesday that Secretary of State John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, from publishing leaked emails that could disrupt peace negotiations with a guerrilla group in Colombia.

Assange, who has been in refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London for more than four years, saw his access to the internet cut over the weekend.



Anonymous said...

So, kerry is NOT interested in the leaks that show hillary and her staff (and obama) conspiring to obstruct justice, insulting religion, and denigrating each other and worse, large segments of America.
He's worried about "negotiations" in Ecuador.

These people just cannot stop the BS.

Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

7:35 AM and you clowns just keep on going with it all too, so who is any better, the people who commit these acts or the people who let them, then bitch about how they don't like what they let happen????

Anonymous said...

Kerry is scum, just like Hillary. Not much difference there.

Anonymous said...

@8:27 And I bet you will be the clown that votes for Hillary!

Not Quite Understanding said...

Why not deliver to Julian Assange a cellular modem for his laptop? Problem solved until they jam cellular signals, then give him a satellite connection or setup a point to point wifi signal from his room to across the street. There are ways of getting around this.

If Assange has his system set up to auto-dump the documents then it probably doesn't mean much that his access has been cut off.

To threaten another sovereign state with bombing for no other reason than allowing one individual internet access, one that could hamper the chances of the Democratic appointee, eh, nominee from becoming the next POTUS is tantamount to an act of war. Ecuador could possibly invite the Russians to the table and become buddies with them thus sparking a new cold war in the Southern Hemisphere.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Busted: If Assange is not telling the truth, then why is US Government trying so hard to shut him up?

Anonymous said...

I think he is getting to close to other information that will damage alot of upper officials

Anonymous said...

I believe if such military air strikes were actually carried out, it would be a WAR CRIME.