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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

In the Words of Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson had much foresight about America's future. Has the time come for us to #DrainTheSwamp?


Anonymous said...

absolutely. thanks sjd

Anonymous said...

Very sadly I have to say that yes it might be time. I do know there are some who think if HRC is "elected" they will have to start taking matters into their own hands.
Laws that go against the First Amendment will no longer be respected or obeyed without consequence.

Anonymous said...

This was meant for not only the government but future enforcers such as the police.

Anonymous said...

It's the only way to rid or system of the tyrannical corrupt individuals who hold our Country hostage.

Anonymous said...

Local law enforcement isn't the problem, it starts at the head of the snake, not the tail.

lmclain said...

I keep telling you.

If Jefferson were alive today, Washington, D.C. streets would be LINED with Senators, Congressmen, judges, lobbyists, corporate leaders, bankers, the president, all their staffs, and hundreds of cheerleaders.
They would all be suspended about 6 feet off the ground by their neck.
Just think --- this small group of men risked EVERYTHING they had for freedom from unfair taxes and tyrannical, murderous rulers.
What do you think they would say if they saw the taxes and murderous rulers we have today?
Same thing they said back then......
It's coming. It's historically inevitable.
So cheer on. The Nazi's thought they would last for a thousand years. And their citizens cheered, too. Wildly, just like you.
Keep cheering. We'll be seeing you soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes...the question is whether there are enough patriots to do the "work" while the cowards sit it out.

Anonymous said...

I was asked a question some time ago , "have you ever killed a person?" , my answer was " I don't know". I was asked another question " have you ever tried to kill another person?" I did not answer . I did make a statement , " have you ever fought for you country ? " I have 1966-1968 , what a mess ."

Back to the issue , yes we need to drain the swamp . Yes we need to clean house and do away with with the present system . If it takes war , so be it , I will not allow another year under a similar administration like Obama.
You may read about me or hear about me , but I'm not alone , I was the silent majority . I will die for my country .

Just another note , look up and study the ruler "Idi Amin , another obama .

Anonymous said...

The second civil war is coming!

It is good vs evil - here's why:

Abortion vs life
Freedoms (1st and 2nd amend to start) vs tyranny
Religion vs atheism
Tolerance of Aberations vs Man and Wife
Criminal activity vs civility
Constitution vs monarchy

Most of the military are conservative constitution defenders...the liberals need to raise their own army!

I know which side I'm on!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure by now the FBI is on to this site monitoring all of this seditious banter. My advice to you armchair warriors is to go back to your momma's basement and hide.

Anonymous said...

This statement is the absolute truth. During their time things were not the way that they are now. It is completely out of control and until we can get things back under control it will continue. I am not a political individual but all can see what is going on. When does it stop and when does order come back to America just like our forefathers set out? Ask yourselves who is correct? The people that made America or the people who are trying to make America?

Anonymous said...

12:11 I'm with you, I can't take another year of this either. I stand with you. Some blood will be shed if this country does not turn around soon.