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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Donald Trump can win despite biased media, Republican traitors

LAS VEGAS — Donald Trump is still in this race, and he can still win it.

Obviously, he has had a rough couple of weeks. Democrats and the Clinton campaign — by which I mean the media — have thrown more slime and dirt at the Republican presidential nominee than any other politician in the history of television.

Yet, Mr. Trump is still standing.

Down in the polls, perhaps. But nowhere near where a lesser candidate or a weaker man would be if he had endured all that Mr. Trump has.



Anonymous said...

The so called msm are corrupt as are All Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Hope all Trumpers go out turn over every stone to get votes. And if she wins fight that she devil the hole way thru her presidency!

Anonymous said...

He cannot win if the voting machines are rigged.
Otherwise, yes, he may be able to win.

Anonymous said...

Laughable yet baseless!

Anonymous said...

Hillary will be prosecuted when Trump wins