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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It’s Reckoning Time for the Regime

Irrespectively of how he, in fact, will govern if he becomes president, it’s no longer possible to deny that Donald Trump is indeed the anti-Establishment candidate.

To get as far as he has, Trump has had to battle the Regime every step of the way. Now that the election is less than a month off, it has dispatched its agents from all quarters to not just defeat Trump, but to crucify him.

The Clintons and their legions of surrogates from the Obamas to the Bushes, from the Republican leadership in the Congress to all of the major media are tirelessly doing anything and everything to destroy the one person who (they at least believe) poses the biggest threat to their Empire.

Yet, as of this writing, Trump is still standing and the outcome of this contest remains an open question. He will continue standing, I predict, right through Election Day—whether he wins the race or loses it, for Trump has already won.

To repeat, Trump has won.

Most Americans have long admitted to having, if nothing else, an intuitive sense that both Washington D.C. and the media are corrupt.

Trump has confirmed in spades that they’ve been right to trust their gut. His candidacy has revealed for all with eyes to see the existence of a massive, sprawling government-media complex created and preserved by an elite that advances its class-interest behind the veneer of such rhetorical fictions as “Democracy,” “the Will of the People,” “Equality,” and the like.



Anonymous said...

There is no denying it....Trump has had 3 opponents to battle, news media, Government and crooked Hillery!!!!

Anonymous said...

Also trump has really exposed the whole corrupted political system that it truly is
Wake up people

Anonymous said...

This is what hidden dangers of the rainbow exposed decades ago. Its about time. This shadow government however. Is very very evil and it reaches back to all aspects of society and governments. A web of satanic evil. The UN would be a good place to start eliminating.

Anonymous said...

This is why the Democrats and the Republicans are against Trump, because he's gonna wreck their private club