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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Undocumented Students DEMAND Scholarships…Their Reasoning Is INCREDIBLE! [VIDEO]

At a high school in Guilford County North Carolina, spurred by a college fair going on inside, a group of undocumented students is protesting and demanding a free college education. Specifically, they are demanding that they be given funds from a private scholarship organization called ‘Say Yes to Education’.

“Why is it that it’s different with me?” Araceli Garcia-Garnica said, “Why is it that one simple piece of paper matters to them so much?

Let me enlighten you, Araceli, it matters because that paper signifies that you are here legally, that you made an effort to become an American, that you went through the process and have completed the citizenship requirements. And that, as any legal immigrant to the US will tell you, is a huge accomplishment. It’s not about you screaming for free stuff. It’s about you figuring out what you have to offer this nation and proving that you are a valuable asset to it. Grow up. And stop trying to extort money.



Anonymous said...

They are not ""Undocumented!!!"" There are Freaking Illegal Aliens and they need to be rounded up and arrested. The administration in that University that ignored their illegal status needs to be locked up as well. Illegal means breaking the law.

Don't deport them. Put them to work in chain gangs and make them pay off their debts to society. If they commit serious crime then they need to fry in the Electric Chair.

Anonymous said...

One way bus now loading...

Anonymous said...

Well said 8:25 I couldn't have said it better myself. VOTE TRUMP

Anonymous said...

Because a private scholarship is private. The person who put up the money gets to decide. Some elderly woman in our community endowed a scholarship for students of German descent. Had to prove at least one German grandparent. My sister did the research and obtained two German birth certificates from our great grandparents proving that a grandparent was of 100% German extraction and-- with her good grades -- got the scholarship. I remember another provision of the scholarship was that she take a course in American history every semester. She hadn't planned on it, but she wound up with a minor in history. The point is: one can still make some decisions in this country about how to spend(or give away) his own money.
Do they really think there aren't scholarships that are minority only?
Maybe they should get off the picket line and into a library (or just onto their phones) and do a minute's research.

Anonymous said...

9:07 A fine observation. I think the idea here is to highlight the instances where illegal and undocumented immigrants are trying to take advantage of programs that many feel should be going to American citizens. But when you're laying on the table bleeding out I doubt you'll care if the doctor saving you has their paperwork in order :)

lmclain said...

Is a driver's license just a piece of paper, too?
How about a birth certificate?
And a passport?
RIGHT THERE is the flaw in their argument.
We have LAWS that are no different than the laws THEIR country enforces regarding immigrants. Just because YOU ignore them, flaunt them, and complain about them, they are still our laws.
Liberals just believe that SOME people are exempt.
And they've extended that concept to everyone on the planet.

Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Fill the yellow school buses up drive them back to their country.

Anonymous said...

Everyone currently serving in Washington are just as disgusting for allowing them to be here in the first place.