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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pa. school cafeteria worker quits after having to take hot lunch away from student

CANONSBURG, Pa. (AP) — A public school cafeteria worker has quit over what she considers a "lunch shaming" policy in a Pennsylvania school district.

Stacy Kotiska says she quit last week after she had to take a hot lunch away from an elementary school student because the child's parent had fallen more than $25 behind in paying for his school lunches.

The Canon-McMillan School District enacted the policy to deal with a backlog of about 300 parents who owed tens of thousands of dollars. Now fewer than 70 parents owe money, and the district says the policy isn't meant to shame students.



Anonymous said...

The policy seems fair to me.

Anonymous said...

Simple solution: close the school slop kitchens, and turn the entire cafeteria area into seating with tables. The kids can all sit at the tables and eat the lunch they brought from home.

I think that's what food stamps are for.

Anonymous said...

THis is nothing new!!! Above two comments are correct! Good policy for one and second: Pack a lunch! Oh that's right - they have no food at home or mommy is too tired to get up and make the child a lunch! Yes, it is sad for the child to have a sandwich - but it's the PARENTS responsibility to pay for the lunch.

Anonymous said...

A sandwich and a piece of fruit is something to be upset about? That's what I took t school for lunch every single day. That's usually what I bring for lunch at work too.