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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton Seeks Two Additional Weeks to Respond to Email Questions

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that it has scheduled the deposition of the John Bentel, the State Department’s former Director of Information Resource Management of the Executive Secretariat (“S/ES-IRM”), the office that handles information technology for the Office of the Secretary.

The deposition ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan is scheduled for October 24 at 10am. Judicial Watch also announced that Judicial Watch and Hillary Clinton’s attorneys agreed that Hillary Clinton would have two additional weeks – until October 13 — to produce written, sworn answers under oath to pending Judicial Watch questions.

Judicial Watch requested Bentel’s deposition as part of a request for additional discovery into the Clinton email matter.

In U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan’s August 19, 2016, ruling granting the Judicial Watch’s request, the judge cited significant discrepancies in Bentel previous statements on the Clinton email system:

The Court is persuaded that Mr. Bentel should be deposed because the record in this case appears to contradict his sworn testimony before the [House Select] Benghazi Committee. . . . Specifically, Mr. Bentel testified that he was not aware that Secretary Clinton’s email account was housed on a private server until media reports in 2015. . . . However, several emails indicate Mr. Bentel knew about the private server as early as 2009.

Judge Sullivan also wrote that Bentel should be deposed because a May, 2016 Inspector General’s reportfound:

Mr. Bentel told employees in his office that Secretary Clinton’s email arrangement had been approved by the State Department’s legal staff and also instructed his subordinates not to discuss the Secretary’s email again..

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Anonymous said...

what other crooks, theives, murderers, robbers...get to put off questioning until they feel comfortable? wtf is wrong with the authorities and congress....oh thats right...their all corrupt...

Not Quite Understanding said...

WWWWWHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT???????!!!!!!!!!! How long does it take for Hilliary's "team" to fabricate the answers to these questions? Are they needing the extra time to kill off anyone who could possibly be called up as a witness in case any doors weren't completely closed?

Anonymous said...

She thinks she just needs to keep stalling until after the election! The worst part is there are sheeple who will still vote for her, though they seem to be getting harder to find.

Anonymous said...

I smell Hillary attorneys.

lmclain said...

10:43 hit it hard!
If I were involved in any way with this investigation of her, or knew ANYTHING, I'd be carrying a gun, staying off lonely roads at night, and walking with a few friends everywhere I went.
And, make sure everyone knew I wasn't sad or depressed, just in case I'm found hanging in my shed.
Keep cheering.