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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

‘Ransom’: Treasury Payments Dispute Obama’s Claim ‘We Could Not Wire The Money’

The Treasury Department on Saturday confirmed that it wire transferred at least two separate payments to Iran in the last fourteen months.

The admission raises significant new questions about President Obama’s claim that he sent $400 million in cash to Iran because the U.S. doesn’t have a banking relationship with Tehran.

The Obama administration delivered the $400 million in pallets of foreign currency flown aboard an unmarked jetliner in January. The cash was jetted in the same day five American hostages were released from Iranian custody.

Politico reported on Saturday:

The United States made at least two separate payments to the Iranian government via wire transfer within the last 14 months, a Treasury Department spokesman confirmed Saturday, contradicting explanations from President Barack Obama that such payments were impossible.

…But a Treasury Department spokesman acknowledged on Saturday that on at least two occasions, the U.S. did make payments to the Iranian government via wire transfer.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Obama's a liar.

LMCLAIN said...

Straight up cash is the best way to buy weapons and bombs for the people intent on causing death and destruction.
What did Obama think they were going to do with 1.7 BILLION IN CASH???
Build a couple of schools and a hospital?
He is doing his damnedest to aid Muslims in any way he can --- ignoring their attempts to cross the Mexican border, allowing un-vetted "refugees" to stream into our country, filling top positions in our government with muslims, redirecting/shutting down investigations of muslims, releasing muslim killers from custody so they get back into the fight, signing a treaty that gives the USA NOTHING, but gives the #1 sponsor of world terror BILLIONS in cash and the ability to develop a nuclear arsenal.
He is supposed to be KILLING the enemy, not sending them aid.
Instead, he is bringing more and more of them here, while they are TELLING HIM they are going to be terrorists among them.
How stupid can he be?

Anonymous said...

Barry works for the international bankers.
They tell him what to say and do.
He does exactly what he is told to do.

It is important to know that Barry is not in charge.
Likewise, Hillary will not be in charge either.
They both work for the same bankers who print the money and rig the markets.

Anonymous said...

Are the lives of the Iranian people any better for the $1.7 billion? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

They shore can buy better weapons to engage our troop with , anyone remember the fact that tey are named a state sponsors of terrorism.