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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

VA Spends Billions Annually Without Proper Oversight

Audit: Agency’s multi-billion-dollar procurement program operates on ‘outdated’ policies

The Department of Veterans Affairs spends billions of dollars annually on contracts for goods and services without proper oversight and management, according to a government watchdog.

The VA spent roughly $20 billion during fiscal 2015—over a quarter of the agency’s discretionary budget—to procure goods and services for veterans’ health care, and at least $46 billion over a three-year period, according to a new audit by the Government Accountability Office that faults the agency for managing contracts using “outdated and fragmented” policies.

The audit is the latest evidence of mismanagement at the federal agency, which has been widely scrutinized since the secret wait list controversy at government-run hospitals more than two years ago.

The VA spends billions each year on contracts for a wide range of goods and services that include construction, information technology, medical services, and medical supplies.



lmclain said...

Kickbacks, bribes, and payoffs.
I imagine that SOMEWHERE in their 'procurements', there are charges for $6000 stethoscopes, $5000 lab coats, and $15,000 blood pressure cuffs.
$46 BILLION in 3 year and vets are dying from lack of care.
No one loses their job.
No one is hung.
There hasn't even been a nasty letter in someone's personnel file.
I'll BET, however, there are thousands of "Letters of Commendation" which were then used to get pay raises and large bonuses.
"We, the people" are getting part time jobs with no benefits, getting laid off, and telling our kids "No, the field trip is off. We don't have the money."
They are busy trying to figure out whether to go to Vegas or Tampa for the annual meeting and how they are going to spend next year's 13 billion. Keep cheering

Anonymous said...

What has Congress done about all the complaints? Nothing! They created a multi-billion dollar program to improve wait time and it's worse. The VA continues to run a mismanaged outfit benefiting employees while veterans continue to suffer.